DON'T put commas in Probe Ranges, Description field

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DON'T put commas in Probe Ranges, Description field

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:49 pm

Never, never, never put commas in the descirption field in the Probes, Ranges section.

Data Flow Management>Data Flow Probe Setup - Domains & Probes>[Probe Domain Name]>Data Flow Probes>[Probe] - Ranges

If you do when you back up your ranges to commas separated/delimited text you will not be able to load them in again as the fields will be all over the place.  Hence the term CSV(Comma Separated Values).

More detailed explanation:
CSV means each field is separated by a comma, so when uCMDB reads the description field back in it sees the first comma amongst the text and considers that the end of the description field.  UCMDB doesn't actually deal with it the way I expected it to but it still fails to import your file.


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