How to Change the Data Flow Probe Domain

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How to Change the Data Flow Probe Domain

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:27 am

1. On the Probe Server stop the Probe service
2. In the application remove the probe from it's existing domain. Data Flow Management>Data Flow Probe Setup, expand the probe domain>Data Flow Probes. Select the Probe and click on the X to remove the probe. (If you delete the Probe domain you will lose all the stored credentials, so you may want to move or copy them first)
3. On the Probe Server, open the file DataFlowProbe.Properties located at (C):\hp\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\conf (Linux /opt/hp/UCMDB'DataFlowProbe/conf). Edit the appilog.collectors.domain entry to show new Probe Domain name you want. You may need to Run as Admministrator to be able to edit this file
4. Clear the Probe data (run the clearProbeData script froim the tools directory.)
5. Restart the Probe Service

Give the probe a few minutes to restart and then in the application click on the refresh button. You should see the new Probe domain with this probe underneath it

If the probe does not restart properly, check that step 2 was completed correctly. The probe will fail to restart if the application expects it to be in another domain


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