IP Ranges Type - Datacenter Vs Client

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IP Ranges Type - Datacenter Vs Client

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:23 am

Which Type should I set my IP range to against probes Data Center or Client.

Data Center is the default for good reason.  This is what most people us ein most environments.

The IP type you choose is dependant on the IP discovery jobs you are intending to use.  
Network Infrastructure -> Basic:
 •  Class B IPs by ICMP - Ignores client IP type
 •  Class C IPs by ICMP - Ignores client IP type
 •  Range IPs by ICMP - Ignores client IP type
 •  Client Connection by SNMP - Ignores datacenter IP type

If you are using Call Home Processing then you need to consider the following and change the parameter if necessary:
Hosts and Resources -> Inventory by Scanner -> Call Home Processing
 •  Config file globalSettings.xml - Boolean property allowDataCenterCallhome to ignore Call Home from Datacenter IP type

It does not matter if all ranges are of datacenter type but if you wish to exclude client IP type from certain jobs it is easier if you mark those ranges.

Thanks to John Goldstein for this tip


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