Recommendation to beginners - Which discovery jobs to start out with

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Recommendation to beginners - Which discovery jobs to start out with

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:55 am

There are lots of discovery jobs to turn on but they all use resources so where do I start?

Much of the follwing is taken from Effectual Systems (Thanks Erik)

The following idea is based on the three tier discovery concept.
Tier 1 - basic discovery including IP, and OS trype.
Tier 2 - Server detail discovery discovery including memory, hard disks, installed software, Virtual clusters, notes & hosts.
Tier 3 - Detailed application discovery includes specific detailed application information

Recommended discovery basic protocols:
WMI for Windows (Can be limited for Windows 2003 and earlier, in this case you may have to use NTCMD)
SSH(Shell) for Unix
SNMP for everything else, printers, switches, routers etc

Tier 1 jobs
1. Ranges IPs by ICMP (Must be run first)
2. Host Connection by WMI
3. Host Connection by Shell
4. Host Connection by SNMP

Tier 2 jobs
1. Host Resources by WMI
2. Host Resources by Shell
3. Host resources by SNMP
4. Manual VMWare VIM connection
5. VMWare vCenter Connection by VIM
6. VMWare vCenter Topology by VIM
(Note: The last three are kused when your environment uses VMWare, add or substitute Hyper-V, IBM HMC jobs as required)

Tier 3 Jobs - These will be very specific to your environment, most of the examples below are taken from the Effectual Systems Guide. Only use the ones you need.
Database Related
• DB Connections by Shell
• DB Connection by WMI
• Database TCP Ports
• DB2 Topology by SQL
• DB2 Universal Database Connection by SQL
• MQSQL Server Connection by SQL
• MSSQL Topology by SQL
• MySQL Connection by SQL
• Oracle Database Connections by SQL
• Oracle Config Files by SQL
• Oracle Listeners by Shell
• Oracle RAC Topology by Shell
• Oracle Topology by SQL
• PostgreSQL Jobs (if required)
• Sybase Jobs (If required)
• VMWare vCenter Connection by VIM
• VMware vCenter Topology by VIM
• VMWare vMotion Monitor by VIM
• Hyper-V Topology by WMI
• IBM Virtualization by Shell
• IBM HMC by Shell
• IBM LPAR and VIO Server Topology by Shell
• Solaris Zones by TTY (If required)
• Oracle VM Server for SPARC Technology by Shell (If required)
Siebel Jobs (If Required))
• Storage Devices by CIM
• NetApp Filer by Web Servers
• VLAN Ports by SNMP
• Layer2 Topology VLAN-based by SNMP
• Layer2 Topology Bridge-based by SNMP
Microsoft Exchange Jobs
SAP Jobs
Java EE Jobs
MQ Jobs
Web Server Jobs
Web Services Jobs

All environments are different and this is only recommended a starting point for those that don't know where to start. There are always new jobs coming in too so be flexible

The more jobs you run the slower the discovery process. Balancing speed against detail is an ongoing battle for everyone.


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